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How do you know better about your supplier's legal business registraton? And,what can you do to avoid defrauded by your supplier from China?
The best way should be arranging a visit, factory tour, to setup a face to face meeting with the buyer/seller and meet them personally. As, it's cost and take much of time, and what to do if you have many suppliers, but not many purchasing amount for each? To carry out detailed background checks on every new buyer or seller you meet online, plus our low cost company verification service, helps your diverse supplier review requirements. 

Company Verification processes 
The verification service is verification of the legal business registration and export license, relevant certificates etch with local authority in China. This service is affordable to most small business owners and can stop the client from professional scammers before placing any order. The processes are as following, 
1. Buyer send requests to us with the suppliers details such as name, address, contact information etc. 
2. DFD reply with the requested form filled out with the company information and listing out the verification items of the services for //confirm/i/iation;
3. Confirm the contract and Payment;
4. Supplier/company verification report submit with the verify methods and evidences attached;
5.Review the report and feedback;
6. Re-order and reward for bulk company verification orders discount. 

We focus on supplier chain part for you to make your profit with confidence of supplier chain.  
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