Picture Report
Logo production process
According to the process, the types of logo are: 1. UV: commonly used full-page uv / partial uv, frosted uv, bright uv2; 2. hot stamping: (hot press transfer printing) hot stamping silver as the main, gold and silver in countless colors; 3. hot black; 4. embossing, 5. laminate (also called over-glue), mainly divided into bright / matte two, there are also some with texture, but less used. 6. over-oil (laminate environmental alternative); 7. screen printing gold / silver; 8. spot color printing, CMYK; 9. sprinkle gold and silver powder, drum UV effect process; 10. static flocking; 11. indentation (can also be considered a mildly large area of bump / hit concave, full-page indentation will be very textured) 12. sandblasting / carving (mainly used in the crystal trophy); 13. metal plate; 14. laser engraving; 15. cloth label; 16 embroidery, etc.
Types of Packaging Bags
Customized packaging bags can be classified according to the material (paper packaging bags, leather packaging boxes, plastic packaging bags, and textile packaging bags). And the process are similar as logo process as mentioned above.
Types of Gift Boxes
Customized packaging boxes can be classified according to the material (paper packaging boxes, wooden packaging boxes, leather packaging boxes, plastic packaging boxes and metal packaging boxes), form (flip cover book type boxes, heaven and earth cover boxes, etc.), use (business gift packaging boxes and personal gift packaging boxes, etc.) ... ....... A brief description of the custom form of packaging boxes, according to its form, is divided into five kinds of color boxes, corrugated boxes, white boxes, display boxes and gift boxes.
First, the color box: there are corrugated color box and non-corrugated color box; Second, ordinary brown corrugated box: commonly used for 3 layers of corrugated box and 5 layers of corrugated box, after the product packaging, generally sealed with tape; Third, white box: can be divided into corrugated (3 layers or 5 layers) white box and non-corrugated white box, and acrylic box; Fourth, display box: its variety, mainly color display box, display box with PVC lid, etc., through the packaging can intuitively see the products in the box; Fifth, gift box: more for jewelry, stationery and other products, more variety of packaging.
In addition, according to the name of the packaging boxes to customize the product classification, packaging boxes include gift boxes, wine boxes, chocolate boxes, pen boxes, food packaging boxes, tea packaging boxes, etc. 
Here are examples of custom jewelry boxes
Product Name: Custom Logo Jewelry Packaging Box Ring Packaging Box Ear Nail Box Jewelry Packaging Box
Product specification: outside diameter: length 7.3*width 7.3*height 3.5cm, inside diameter: length 6.8*6.8*height 3.3cm, black cotton height 1.5cm. Other sizes over 500 can be customized.
Product weight: approx. 24g each average
Material: high quality 130g paper + 800g cardboard + 15mm black sponge lining, lined with ring bayonet earring cutout necklace cutout pendant cutout, you can put the ring earring pendant earring necklace bracelet
Packing: 18pcs/opp bag, MOQ: 1bag.  
Product Description: Can be used in ring, earring set packaging, can also be used as a small hair decoration packaging special art pattern paper surface glossy touch better color
We cooperate with professional custom packaging manufacturers, and can introduce to you to work with directly, stock is available for standard packaging, and can customize all kinds of package you need, please review the details pages of the packagings we can make, or please feel free to contact us for details.