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Sourcing Service_sample collect service
Service package:
1.We gather anything you are purchasing from China;
1.We can gather sample from different suppliers, areas, consolidate cargo in our warehouse;
2.Inspect the products and check the supplier's legal registration,credit etc. for you;
3.Export license provided, export customs clearance, transportation insurance;
4.Inport support provided, any needed documentation is provided for your import, DDP to door service;
4.Tracking report provided,offering personalized attention to your shipment;
5.Conceal true identity of real shipper or real consignee to protect your business secret;
6.prompt feedback, any inquires from you would receive our prompt response;
7.Multiple routing options are available, service ans price to satisfy your own needs;
8.Resonable charges and best services.
Item: Anything you are purchasing from China
Main Resource:Reliable manufactores and suppliers, China online platform(1688, taobao, tianmao, jingdong, pinduoduo and etc.), Main market(Guangzhou market, Yiwu market), B2B websites related to the industry
Service package: Sourcing on client's behalf/ 100% inspection before delivery
1. Most suppliers from B2B platform in China claimed they are manufactories, but actually they are traders;
2. There are thousands of registered factories in different industry in China, not including small workshops and related factories;
3. There are millions of suppliers in China. Need to sort out the most suitable ones for our production to meet the requirements exactly.
4.  Industry specializing in surgery, even in the same industrial. Different factories have their unique expertise advantages. Such as the making processes, equipments, advanced technically, design capability and etc. are different among these suppliers. To bring out the best among the industrial and crate strong business strength for our clients. Makes it possible we work together with as many expertise as possible.  
5.  Different factories have their won different quality levels. For manufactures which makes high-end product, their craftsman means low efficiency cause higher production cost. 
6.  For independent buyer, less negotiation space, no bargaining chips, the unit price is high even work with manufactory directly;
7.  There are many sources, many buyers worldwide sourcing similar products in China. It’s possible we consolidate the orders from buyers put to one source and negotiate a competitive price together.
What we can do for you?
Professional sourcing for up to 5 different sources. For each product, we will filter out from the suppliers base/different sources and recommend more than 3 factories with their quotations. It's good for you to have an idea bout the quality and price then make the decision about bulk production. (This service package usually will combine with the services like company verification, etc.)