Picture Report
Sourcing Product 
1.Sourcing, purchasing &niche products recommend, we are finding the best quality items and also make sure the safety of the supply chain;
2.Private lable service, we make customized Label and the package is very easy for dropshipping;
3.Free quality control,inspection with free video and photo recoerd;  
4.Warehousing&Fulfillment, free stock;
5.Order management system support.

Find factory
Would you like to deal directly with a registered manufacturer instead of a middleman in China? 
We can find out the 'real' factories for you in China. (Please note that many of the suppliers you meet online or at the trade fairs are trade companies, agents, middlemen or even scammers etc.) Do you have any trouble in locating a registered supplier or not high-quality product in China?  We can help to sort out enough suppliers by checking the business registration license, address verification, contacting with local authority, professional Industry Associations etc. to filter those unsuitable and recommend the trusted ones for you. 
Our Services Process(Find the factory)
Step 1: Send us the product requirements, detailed information like product specification, standard, certificate, brand, pictures etc. For example, you are finding a SA8000 certified factory in your industry, we have database to send you in a few second. Save your time and energy to searching and verify. 
Step 2:  We send you one matched factory example according to the requirements, all the relevant factory information with verification status/methods and prove evidences. 
Step 3: Upon confirmation of above factory information is your required information, we’ll send all the relevant factories’ information with the same form, at least 5 in per case at least.  
Step 4: In order to provide perfect services, if not satisfied with the above factories’ information, please make supplement materials to us to understand more detailed requirements, we sort 5 more factories according for you free of charge. 
Step 5: If satisfied with the service, send payment;
Step 6: Feedback, reward and re-order.