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The tips for FBA
FBA stands for Fulfilment by Amazon and is simply understood to be the Amazon Delivery Service. about the FBA, many new sellers often the first reaction is that the fee is too expensive, the cost is too high, the profit is gone, do not cost-effective, and then, directly from the heart to the FBA to veto. In fact, there is a serious misunderstanding of this idea, first, the total cost of FBA, except for a few very low price and light weight products, most of the products shipped by FBA, the cost expenditure is basically the same or slightly higher than that of self-shipped; second, the selling price of the same product, self-shipped and FBA shipped, the selling price of FBA shipped Linging is often much higher than that of self-shipped, the higher part, in addition to offsetting the various costs of FBA, there is also a lot of surplus, so, overall, the profit margin of FBA shipped Linging is higher than that of self-shipped; third, FBA Linging, after customers purchase, usually 3-5 days or so can be delivered to customers, fast delivery time, high customer satisfaction; fourth, according to the Amazon system traffic distribution principle, the exposure rate of FBA Linging will be about 40% higher than self-shipped, high exposure rate high traffic, generally speaking, it means more orders. 
After understanding the basic concept of FBA, we have to ask ourselves this question: is FBA a separate matter from operations? The answer is no. 
The FBA itself is a very core piece of Amazon's store operations. Consideration of FBA-related matters should begin with the selection of products. 
According to FBA regulations, some products, such as flammable and explosive products, FBA does not accept into warehouses, so, at the beginning of the selection, once you are sure that your store will operate all or part of the product by FBA shipping, then you first need to determine whether your selection meets the FBA warehousing principle. 
In addition, FBA shipping may be more suitable for some heavy products, for example, in the form of a small package from the shipping, then the weight of more than 2Kg of goods will be more embarrassing, small package is not optional, express delivery and expensive, so many sellers may hear some sophistry such as do not choose a single product more than 2Kg of goods and so on, but if you have a good product, even if the single product is heavy, using FBA shipping, there is no problem. On the other hand, if you have a heavier product and you also ship it by FBA, perhaps your advantages will be more pronounced in all aspects. 
In addition to FBA considerations when selecting products, FBA-related matters should also be taken into account when creating Liting. 
Usually, when we create Listing, the default way is to create the self-shipment, after the creation, check all aspects of Linging details are okay, then it will be converted to FBA shipping method. However, it should be noted that for the products shipped from, perhaps you can fill in the weight and size of the fill in a little bit, but for the products that want to use the FBA shipment, in the product release, it is best to do the weight and packaging size fill in the accuracy, because it will affect the subsequent conversion into FBA shipment costs, the weight filled in too light, the volume filled in too small, FBA warehouse will naturally reaccount in the warehouse, but if you release the product due to carelessly fill in the weight, the volume written large, FBA warehouse may not do just right to change the accounting, so, you may have to eat dumb losses to bear more costs. I myself have encountered two different Listings created by the same product, and the FBA fee was very different due to a weight filling error. 
When sellers start to arrange FBA shipping, it is important to note that the default FBA options are set up in the warehouse delivery, warehouse delivery, Amazon system will be based on the actual situation of each FBA warehouse, your goods to do departure to a warehouse, two warehouses, three warehouses three warehouses, such warehouses, for sellers, a lot of randomness, so, for small sellers, there are often warehouses originally intended to send away one piece of goods, the result became three pieces, resulting in high shipping costs, at this time, sellers themselves should consider if the number of goods is not large, can be used to close the warehouse delivery, of course, the result of closing the warehouse, each single product will have an additional closing fee, specific rates sellers themselves can use the seller center backstage Search or Help bar to search FBA Fee to query it. 
In addition to split and combined shipments, whenever FBA shipments are involved, two labels must be printed, the product label and the outer box label. 
Product labels, you can generate FBA orders in the process of printing in accordance with the required amount, you can also be in the inventory management page, check the corresponding Listings, in the menu bar above, select Print Labels way to print, in the label printed through the Amazon system, will have the product title, the text of the part of the dispensable, including the label itself, if you feel that the system out of the way to print inconvenient, you can also use the label machine directly to the product label corresponding to the label code, regenerate a label, it should be noted that the label below the combination of letters and numbers of the label code and the above barcode is a complete match, we read with the naked eye is the following label code, the machine by scanning the above line of barcode symbols to identify the same content. 
about the product label, especially need to be reminded of the point is that, if your products have been on the original packaging with a barcode, you need to re-label FBA products when you find ways to the original barcode to cover up, a product two barcodes, easy to let the FBA warehouse operation errors, or even identify the failure. 
For the outer box label, according to your actual number of boxes, set the number of boxes, and then print out and the number of boxes to match the outer box label, the outer box label generation process, there is a weight and size of the fill in the box, these contents can not be filled in, if filled in, the weight of a single box do not fill in more than 50 pounds, or the system will prompt the overweight. Print out the outer box labels and stick them individually on each box of items, and the prep work before shipping is almost complete. Here to give a small suggestion, it is recommended that the outer box label appropriate print several copies, the outer box of different boxes on the surface, more than a few stickers, to avoid a label damage in transit, into the warehouse can not identify the situation. 

FBA shipping, there are FBA ocean shipping and FBA air transport, FBA train transport etc. 
Ocean shipping process is generally: sellers prepare the relevant documents - determine the time of shipment - transport the freight to the established location - check the goods, prepare customs declaration information booking - release - arrange the trailer - arrange customs declaration - confirm the release (the goods leave China) - make an appointment for FBA warehouse customs clearance time - the goods arrive at the port - customs clearance - transport to Amazon FBA warehouse.
Of course, the different products will be involved in the customs clearance information is different, sellers need to prepare in advance, generally need to prepare information, including bills of lading, contracts, packing lists, invoices, etc., and air freight compared to the cost of shipping is lower, better value for money, but the time is long, generally speaking, the time needed to transport to the U.S. warehouse more than 25 days, for those who do not have too high a demand for shipping time, the product will not be damaged because of moisture sellers are a good choice.
What sellers need to be aware of during the preparation and shipping process after choosing to use Amazon's FBA headway service is.
1, need to prepare your reference id, this is the sellers in the Amazon backend to establish the inbound order number after Amazon sends sellers an 8-digit number, this number and the shipping method has nothing to do with, no matter what method you choose, sellers need to have the reference id FBA label on the packaging of the goods behind the box.
2、Don't use inkjet printers to print product or packaging labels.
3、Don't stick the packaging label to the interface that may be damaged, which will affect the scanning.
4, the weight of the parcel shipped should not exceed 50 pounds, for parcels over 50 pounds need to be labeled with a hint.
5、Do not transport items from different waybills together.
6、The quantity of transportation must be consistent with the filling in.
Of course, in the process of shipping may also appear damaged tags, sellers need to communicate with the chosen freight forwarding company, if these problems arise how to solve.
In the process of FBA shipping, there is also a point to consider, as far as possible, to mix and match the shipment of heavy goods, so as to properly reduce the unnecessary additional freight expenses due to the excessive volume and weight.

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