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FBA prep service FNSKU

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Price: 0.15USD/pcs
Min.Order: 300 pcs
Supply 100000 pcs
Delivery: Shipment within 5 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-06-14 22:33
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Company Detail
FBA prep service_FNSKU 
FBA, the full name is Fulfilment by Amazon, that is, the seller delivers the goods to the Amazon operation center (that is, FBA first trip). Amazon is responsible for storing and managing the goods, picking and packaging the goods and providing fast delivery, and providing customer service in local languages and return service. Amazon’s Fulfillment (FBA) program has strict rules for FBA Prep. As a seller, make sure you follow these rules to avoid expensive fee, warnings, bad reviews or problems with your account which may affect you ability to sell on amazon in the future.

FNSKU is a barcode automatically generated by the system when FBA is created for shipment. The SKU of a product corresponds to a FNSKU.
FNSKU is different from SKU. It is the FBA product label code. only products that do FBA will have them. A product SKU that does FBA corresponds to a FNSKU. If there are multiple sellers selling the same ASIN product, their FNSKU may be the same as ASIN. When FNSKU and ASIN are the same, it means that the seller chose the manufacturer code when selecting the barcode, indicating that the product does not need to be labeled (Manufacture barcode) , And mixed with the same ASIN products of other sellers, which is why the goods that customers get from your order are not the one which you sent to FBA. If FNSKU and ASIN are different, it means that the Amazon barcode is selected, then all FNSKUs are different, and Amazon will not mix the sellers’ products.The FNSKU corresponding to the same SKU may be adjusted due to product performance or related platform policy issues. For example, it supports mixed inventory at the beginning (both the encoding is the same as ASIN), but it is not supported later. This is one of the reasons that the same seller has two FBA SKUs appearing on one product page at the same time.

Label size:
As long as the label size matches the product, Amazon has no specific size requirements.

The choice of printer:
If you choose the printer, you must not choose inkjet, it is easy to wipe off after you put it on, it is best to choose thermal, carbon, laser and other. This important to make sure the quality of the label printing

Amazon warehouse will reject your goods if you do not meet the Amazon requirements;
The FNSKU bar code should be different if you have same item with many colors and sizes;
This is a unique identifier for each unit and must be sticked to each unit before shipment to amazon FBA warehouses.

We are professional labeling operator, can stick a FNSKU label to each unit for you according to Amazon requirements. 
You can always ensure the quality of your merchandise and the health status of your amazon account by using our preparation and inspection services. The price listed is for minumum order quantity, if large quantity, or using our other services, we provide a resonable price definately. 
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