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taobao buying agent service

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Price: 1.00USD/pcs
Min.Order: 1 pcs
Supply 100000 pcs
Delivery: Shipment within 5 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-06-18 14:07
Hits: 80
Company Detail
Taobao buying agent service introduction. is the largest online retailing and trading hub in the Asia-Pacific region and was founded by Alibaba Group in May 2003. Taobao is China's most popular online retail platform with nearly 500 million registered users and more than 60 million regular visitors per day, as well as over 800 million online items per day, with an average of 48,000 above items sold per minute. You can buy anything you want from this site, even can buy live animals online etc.Countless brands have stores on the platforms, individuals, farmers and factories sale their products directly as well.

taobao buying agent service processes
Step 1: Send us product requirements(picture,links, color, size, quantity... as specific as possible...);
Step 1: Or, post buying request(with product details like picture, links, cllor, size specific as possible...);
Step 2: We will send back to you with the total items cost(includes domestic postage if applicable, and service charge);
Step 3: Pay the items price(order amount);
Step 4: We buy items from;
Step 5: We inspect and take photos of each items once we got them. Repack all items ,based on your requirements(logo,package,safe transportation requirements,small gift, card, etc.),offer the best shipping methods;
Step 6: We ship to destination(your address or your customer's address,and offer tracking number after you pay the international transation;
Step 7: Confirm the receive of goods and re-order.

Total cost calculation:
The item value + domestic shipping fee
Buying commission is 1-10%
Bank handing fee
International shipping fee(express cost/air cost/sea cost).

What we do?
1. Searching for the most matching product with the lowest price for you. 
2.Communicating with seller and translating of product details for you;
3.Picture/video audit products and send you for /confirm/iation;
4.Quality controk, check the correct color, size,style, apperance etc;
5.Dealing with returns,exchanges and any quality issues in case happened;
6.Repackaging items according to your requirements, provide protect packaging for safe transportation and reduce weight;
7.Free warehousing and up to 60 days free storage. 

Value added services
Consolidation and packing, dropshipping
Collect your cargo from different suppliers and send them together with competitive rate, and we also help to pack the cargo as to the client's requirement.
Pick up and in-land logistics
Pick up your goods from the seller or warehouse upon request if needed and store them in our own warehouse prepared for shipping, or to airport BGS warehouse to export by truck, in-land logistics(Upon request, may have additional charge)
Customs clearance
We can do custom clearnce for your goods and prepare all the necessary documents in both China ports and destination ports as to our client's requirements. (Upon request,may have additional charge)
We can keep your goods free of charge up to 3 months in order you need to collecting all the goods and ship together upon request. According to your cargo information and air lines schedule, we can propose the best solutions for you to choose. 
Advanced ERP system to manage all your orders like delivery, tracking the parcels,inventory information link between your store and factory etc.make it easy to handle tons of orders in short time easily. 
To save your time and money, contact us freely, we have the best proposals! 
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