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Price: 1.00USD/pcs
Min.Order: 1 pcs
Supply 10000 pcs
Delivery: Shipment within 5 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-06-14 22:33
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Company Detail
How do we work?
Step 1: Send us product requirements(picture,links, color, size, quantity... as specific as possible...);
Step 1: Or, post buying request(with product details like picture, links, cllor, size specific as possible...);
Step 2: We will send back to you with the total items cost(includes domestic postage if applicable, and service charge);
Step 3: Pay the items price(order amount);
Step 4: We buy items from;
Step 5: We inspect and take photos of each items once we got them. Repack all items ,based on your requirements(logo,package,safe transportation requirements,small gift, card, etc.),offer the best shipping methods;
Step 6: We ship to destination(your address or your customer's address,and offer tracking number after you pay the international transation;
Step 7: Confirm the receive of goods and re-order.

Total cost calculation:
The item value + domestic shipping fee
Buying commission is 1-10%
Bank handing fee
International shipping fee(express cost/air cost/sea cost).

What we do?
1. Searching for the most matching product with the lowest price for you. 
2.Communicating with seller and translating of product details for you;
3.Picture/video audit products and send you for ///confirm/i/i/iation;
4.Quality controk, check the correct color, size,style, apperance etc;
5.Dealing with returns,exchanges and any quality issues in case happened;
6.Repackaging items according to your requirements, provide protect packaging for safe transportation and reduce weight;
7.Free warehousing and up to 60 days free storage. 

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