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Pay attention to these matters before sending goods FBA

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Note: Amazon is generally divided into FBM and FBA, where FBM means merchant shipping, and FBA means Amazon fulfills ship
Amazon is generally divided into FBM and FBA, where FBM means merchant shipping, and FBA means Amazon fulfills shipping.
If you want to do Amazon, then FBA is absolutely essential, because it means you will have more shopping cart opportunities and fewer user disputes will also have a higher score, and do not need to worry about logistics problem.
Let Amazon fulfill the delivery, so that you are equivalent to wholesale the goods to Amazon, and then Amazon has helped you to distribute the goods, is it a good thing, even if it is Christmas, you don’t have to worry about shipping during Christmas , Because all of this Amazon will do it for you.
Then let's understand some basic concepts:
FBA shipping packaging standard
For the packaging of goods, Amazon has no mandatory requirements. It is better if your products have original packaging; if the goods are not packed in cartons, use plastic bags. The bags should be wrapped as much as possible. What kind of product packaging is qualified?
First, the necessary FNSKU:
First, the FNSKU barcode must be attached to the outer packaging of each product; then, each product must also have a scannable barcode or label that is easy to view; finally, remove or cover the outside of the carton containing multiple products Scannable barcode. Professional sellers emphasize that for the packaging of container products, double sealing must be done to prevent the leakage of liquid or powder. In addition, for the fragile products, the bubble film should be used for packaging, and the packaging of textile products, Use a sealed bag with a suffocation warning label.
Second, the carton packaging requirements:
(1) Carton size: The size of either side of the carton must not exceed 63.5 cm, unless the size of the product sold in a single piece originally exceeds 63.5 cm; of course, if the size of any side of the carton exceeds 63.5 cm, then Amazon will require it to be placed at 1mX1. On a 25m pallet, unless the size of the individual carton sold alone exceeds the size of a standard pallet.
(2) Carton stacking: Do not use packing straps, elastic bands, or tapes for additional packing; nor use large staples or nylon fiber tapes, which will pose a great threat to the safety of the warehouse staff, so , The cartons must use standard pallet stacking requirements.
(3) Carton weight: a. Multiple cartons are determined to be sold together (for example: a set). The weight greater than 45 kg must be placed on a single pallet. In other words, one sold product must correspond to one pallet. b. Carton goods sold individually (eg furniture). Weighing more than 45 kg usually requires pallets, so Amazon sellers should never send cartons the size of pallets.
Product label on delivery
(1) Product label: This is what you can download during the process of establishing the FBA product shipping list. If the original barcode of the product is still over, you must overwrite it to avoid the problem of indistinguishability.
(2) Shipment label: refers to the label posted on the outer box of the package, marked with a shipment number: FBAXXXXXX, a cargo number may have multiple boxes, which will be reflected in the U001 and U002 of the cargo number.
(3) Pallet label: It means that the following pallet labels must be posted on all four sides of a pallet. There are a total of 4 pallet labels. Similar to the above-mentioned shipment labels. It is worth mentioning that pallet labels are only used during shipping. get.
Label printing
The Amazon system generates the label format. It is recommended to use a thermal printer to print the label, because the thermal label paper can be kept for 3-5 years.
First shipment route
The delivery route is commercial express, air + delivery and sea transportation.
Air freight includes DHL, UPS and FedEx, etc. The price is also the most expensive due to fast delivery time.
Shipping is the cheapest. For large items and heavier goods, shipping is used to reduce costs.
Packing and weighing before delivery
Due to the high freight cost of the first leg, and some products are bubble goods, it is recommended to use the method of light and heavy delivery, to reduce the unnecessary freight cost caused by excessive weight. According to different delivery methods, it is generally length * width * height / 5000 or 6000, and some special lines will even be divided by 7000. However, no matter what kind of division, it is recommended that the seller should follow up after each time the goods are handed over to the freight forwarder to ensure that their goods have not been intentionally aggravated by the freight forwarder. After all, the freight forwarders in the market are uneven. Weight to get the difference.
Which products will be restricted by Amazon
Example 1: Finished cosmetics (such as perfume and nail polish) It is understood that finished cosmetics are currently not allowed to provide regulatory restrictions on product ingredient information tables, but additional information is still required to correctly classify products, and ultimately ensure that the requirements for storage and transportation of these products are met .
Example 2: Non-dangerous goods If the product is undergoing a dangerous goods review, but the seller believes that this product is a non-dangerous product, then Amazon will also limit the storage.
Example 3: Products containing magnetic materials include ferrous metal products (such as speakers and subwoofers). These products will be restricted by air transportation. According to industry analysis, this is because their magnetic field strength may damage aircraft-related equipment.
Example 4: Products containing lithium batteries are undoubtedly, dangerous goods will be banned from storage by Amazon, and lithium batteries are also classified as dangerous. However, for most consumer products whose battery weight does not exceed 5kg (11.02 pounds), MSDS/SDS reports are not currently required. Industry insiders added that additional information is still needed to correctly classify goods and ensure that they meet the requirements for storage and transportation of these goods.
FBA plan is allocated to two or three warehouses, what should I do?
It is recommended that you use the joint warehouse function, check the inventory placement service after setting-fulfilled by Amazon-inbound settings, but this function needs to be charged, generally charge 0.3 US dollars, overweight products are more expensive, you can ask customer service for specific charges.
But it is worth noting that if the categories of the FBA plan are very complicated, even if the warehouse combination function is used, it may not be able to be assigned to a warehouse.
If you have any questions about FBA shipping, please consult us, we provide professional free consulting services.
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