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About Amazon shipping requirements

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Note: This article is about Amazon shipping requirements in general instruction
about Amazon shipping requirements
First, bulk pallet or whole cabinet
1. The tray must be a standard 4 way (with holes in 4 directions) 40x48 inches or 102x122 cm;
2. The damaged tray cannot be used;
3. The goods with the same pallet must correspond to the goods with the same Shipment ID;
4. The total weight [including pallet weight] after playing board is less than or equal to 1500 pounds (about 689kg);
5. The total height after boarding [including the height of the tray] is less than or equal to 72 inches (approximately 182cm); the double-layer tray [including the height of the tray] cannot exceed 100 inches (approximately 254cm), and needs to support a forklift (forklift) Handling. [Single piece and one box] can be higher than 72 inches, but the cargo should not be less than 6 inches (about 15.5cm) from the top of the vehicle after loading. Do not suspend the cargo more than 1 inch (2.5cm) after hitting the board;
6. The combined weight of goods sold (such as sold as set) with a total weight of more than 100 lb (45kg) is recommended to play a separate board; [single piece of one box] of goods exceeding 100 lb (45kg) must be hit a pallet;
7. If the oversize cargo of [single piece of one box] cannot be placed with a 40*48 inch pallet, you can use a pallet suitable for the piece of cargo;
8. A transparent film should be used for boarding; if a board is used for different SKUs, the SKUs need to be separated;
9. Four labels must be used for each tray; the address label needs to be attached to the center of the four sides of the tray (on the outside of the transparent film);
10. The address label includes (shipment ID, Amazon warehouse address, place of shipment) manufacturers can print from their own seller account.
Second, express parcel delivery requirements
1. Size requirements: small parcels are single boxes, and each side of the single box must not exceed 25 inches or 63cm;
2. Weight requirements: In principle, the weight of a single box does not exceed 50 pounds or 22 kilograms. Unless a single product is a single box, it can exceed 22 kg;
3. Single box single product is more than 22 kilograms and less than 44 kilograms, it needs to be pasted in the outer box-Team Lift" prompts that this box needs multiple people to lift;
4. Single box single product exceeds 44 kg, need to be pasted in the outer box-Mech Lift"" indicates that this box needs to be lifted by the machine;
5. The maximum weight of jewelry and watch products is 40 pounds or 18 kilograms;
6. Requirements for labeling small parcel products
1) A single product must have sku, which is printed by the manufacturer in its seller account. This label cannot be copied, reused or modified;
2) The outer box must have two labels (shipment ID label and carrier shipping label). In addition to the shipping ID label, there must be a shipping label.
3) The two labels must be placed on the top or side of the outer box in a position that is easy to visually locate (note that any one label should not be placed at the seal of the box to avoid damage to the label when the amazon unpacks and the goods cannot be inquired accordingly.
UPS US package size requirements:
If the actual weight of a single piece exceeds 31KG, RMB 40/piece will be charged. The billing weight of a single package cannot exceed 35kg. The calculation method of the weight of the goods: the weight of a single piece cannot exceed 30/KG (no limit for more than one piece of ticket), length cm X width cm X height cm /6000, whichever is the greater of the real weight and volume weight; the girth cannot exceed 330CM, One length, two widths and two heights need to be charged 388/piece if it exceeds 330CM; the actual weight of a single piece can exceed 30KG (but not more than 50KG), and it needs to be charged 40 yuan/piece (more than 30KG needs to be charged). The volume cannot exceed: 122*60*50CM, and the longest side exceeds 125CM, you need to add 40 yuan (but the longest side cannot exceed 170cm).
Japan Amazon cargo weight and size restrictions
The weight of a single piece is lower than 30KG, and the three sides are within "50CM*60CM*50CM". For oversized goods, customers need to provide "guarantee" to arrange shipment. If the oversized goods are rejected by Amazon warehouse, the responsibility will not be borne by Unitex, and the resulting expenses will be fully paid by the sender;
DPD delivery, weight and size requirements: the actual amount of a single piece is limited to 30KG. One side should not exceed 120cm, and the three sides should not exceed 200cm.
2. DHL delivery, weight and size requirements: the actual weight of a single piece is limited to 70KG. Three-sided size limit: 120cm*70cm*50cm, unilateral size exceeding 120CM, extra long charge 270* fuel; remote surcharge: based on RMB4/KG* fuel, the minimum charge is RMB200/ticket* fuel; (if the address is remote , Can be verified by DHL according to the postcode) The notification is valid at any time, subject to the DHL bill! * The "real weight" of a single piece is less than 15KG, and no additional operation fee will be charged.
Canada UPS
Goods packaging requirements, non-carton packaging is not accepted, each piece exceeds 30KG plus 40/piece, the length of one side must not exceed 120CM
Since the size of the pallet is different in each country, the recommended size of the box is as follows:
[1]. American pallet size: 122x 102 x 180 CM with corresponding box size: 60x50x40/30/50CM
[2]. The size of the British tray: 100 x 100 x 170 CM adopts the corresponding box size: 50x50x40/50CM
[3]. European-style pallet size: 120 x 80 x 170 CM with corresponding box size: 60x40x40/50CM
[4]. Canadian tray size: 120 x 100 x 170 CM with corresponding box size: 60x50x40/30/50CM
Of course, this is not necessary, this size is just to save your toll.
Amazon tray requirements
1. The size of the tray must be 80cm x 120cm, with "EUR" and "EPAL" printed on the two sides of the corner. Do not use broken trays.
2. Mark "Pallet#_of_Pallets" in the upper right corner of each pallet
3. Each tray must be bundled with a transparent protective film containing the tray (the document says that the protective film needs to be marked "do not break down", but this is not a mandatory requirement)
4. The height must not exceed 160cm, including the height of the tray
5. The total weight of pallet cargo should not exceed 600KG
6. The boxes on the pallet must not exceed the pallet by 25mm
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