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Dropshipping sourcing solutions summary

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Note: This article is about the dropshipping sourcing sources, can easy start your business in minimum investigation and no risks.
Recently, we have discussed more about the drop shipping model of independent stations. However, you may not understand it. Many people think that drop shipping must be with AliExpress. Today I will tell you directly that it is not, just because of AliExpress. It has a wide collection, many categories, and low prices. It is very suitable for supplying goods to independent stations, so it has always been emphasized that if there is AliExpress or want to do AliExpress products, you can consider AliExpress + Oberlo plug-in to achieve zero inventory management!
So, what is the core of this drop shipping? Let's look at the pictures together, and then help you analyze them!
Dropshipping Direct factory deals
The red one is the factory or your source supplier. He didn't write it as AliExpress? Therefore, the essence of drop shipping lies in: zero inventory management, a supplier of a shipment, we establish, and then make the difference, specifically why there is a difference, everyone read the previous article! Therefore, this third-party supply channel can be many, it can be AliExpress, it can be, it can be 1688, it can be any channel, as long as he is willing to ship to you, as long as you have a profit! Can become your source supplier!
Today, I will give you a summary of the most comprehensive website on the Internet, so that everyone can have more supply of goods, so that our independent stations can diversify their sources of supply, diversify their categories, and make their prices profitable!
1688 dropshipping
1688 is a well-known Chinese domestic wholesale and a distribution platform. The products are mainly provided by domestic suppliers, so there are millions of products.
However, the products on the 1688 platform are uneven, and do not provide product warranty and infringement risk avoidance measures, so you need to go through a period of time to find out whether the product is reliable enough when you are wholesale and do a distribution. Official website:
Founded in 1999, Alibaba International Is the first business segment of Alibaba Group and has become the world's leading cross-border trade B2B e-commerce platform.
Alibaba wholesale odm oem market
Dunhuang is a large wholesale platform where registered sellers can list their products. This allows others to purchase products from small and medium factories or wholesalers. The website started in 2004, and their goal is to "buy globally, sell globally."
There are also many categories on Dunhuang Internet, such as electronic products, accessories, cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, toys, etc. They all support one piece. Official website:
The special feature of SheIn is that they provide services for sellers and individuals. They mainly focus on women's fashion and accessories. SheIn's advantage is that they chase the trend, and sometimes even lead the fashion trend. You can make shoes, bags, clothes, etc. If you want to open a store related to women's clothing. You can also send a piece through SheIn.Official website:
Lanting Set
Lanting Jishi is also a well-known domestic distribution website with a large amount of inventory. Their website is easy to pass. There are often spike activities for some products. Lanting's products are also sold globally. If you need a lot of wholesale products, you can get a good price. Official website:
Stick valley
Banggu is an excellent cross-border e-commerce distribution and wholesale website in Shenzhen. If you want to purchase wholesale, be sure to join their wholesale plan, because they can give you exclusive prices.
You can also get samples from their website (for people who buy single pieces). In addition, the product range is also very rich. The quality of some of their clothing is indeed good, mainly suitable for the elderly and children.
Official website:
Zaful is much more famous abroad than at home, and the brand has also appeared on the silver screen of Times Square in New York. Zaful provides affordable fashion items for women. The prices of their products are very honest, you can feel this on their website. They also recently included men's fashion collections. Official website:
TBdress is a wedding and women's clothing-based website, they use personalized push function to push different customers to their favorite products. At the same time, it also provides a service for domestic and foreign sellers.
In addition to the web version of TBDress, you can also access them through iPhone and Android applications.Official website:
DX is a website dedicated to the distribution and wholesale of gadgets and electronic products. But like all other Chinese wholesale platforms, they also cooperate with some well-known brands to sell their products.
If you are planning to make a small item on behalf of the wholesale or wholesale, hurry up and choose it.Official website:
Tongtuo Technology
Tongtuo has a complete range of products. Advantages include clothing, electronic products, household items, etc. The wholesale business of products is relatively mature, offering product discount rates of up to 20%.
If it meets the requirements, free delivery of bulk packages is also possible. The company also has its own distribution facility. The site is also ideal for ordering makeup and beauty related products.
Official website:
10 most popular free shipping websites (domestic + foreign)
1) GearBest
The technology for manufacturing products in China is becoming more and more mature. Therefore, some websites are dedicated to providing these electronic products, gadgets and high-tech products to the world.
Through the online electronic mall, Gearbest sells the most popular products such as domestic drones, mobile phones and watches to the world. Clothing and accessories are also an important part. If you want to purchase these products wholesale, it is highly recommended that you choose them carefully. Because there are many fine products made in China.Official website:
2) AliExpress
AliExpress is one of the best generation websites in China. They operate a variety of products, from clothing, cars, books, electronics, entertainment, health, family, children to sports. All suppliers are verified, so you can rely on their authenticity. But like Wholesale Central, it is not the website owner who provides a delivery service. Instead, a supplier or manufacturer registered as an AliExpress member is responsible for processing an order placed on behalf of. You need to choose carefully and talk to the supplier to ensure that they are correct.
3) TPV distribution
TPV distribution is the platform of TPV Group (Fujian), and its products are mainly based on various 3C electronic products. However, the formation time is a little later. Before forming its own distribution platform, it mainly relies on 1688 to make a replacement.
4) Quark distribution
Quark Distribution has fully opened the supply chain by Tongtuo Technology, which is known as a cross-border ecosystem of "sharing, symbiosis and win-win". According to the introduction of quark distribution, quark distribution starts from the aspects of product selection, supply chain services, customs clearance, quality inspection and after-sales, technology, price and profit control and delivery, etc., relying on Tongtuo's own source of supply and supply chain system to provide convenience for cross-border sellers .
5) China Goodies Network
Entered the market earlier, currently does not support one-click upload, does not support API, the advantage is that there are many product categories, but the price advantage is not big
5 free one-piece shipping source websites (overseas)
Thomasnet is considered to have the best service and quality products. The company is involved in test equipment and measuring equipment, electrical equipment and systems, fasteners and hardware, fluid and gas flow equipment, material handling and storage, and mechanical power transmission. If you want to buy clothing, home decoration and other goods, you need to log in to another free delivery website. All suppliers are verified, so they can be trusted. The search tab allows you to easily find the vast majority of content. You can log on his website for more information.
7) Wholesale Central
Wholesale Central is a top-tier B2B website with access to wholesale suppliers and products. They provide powerful purchasing tools to help distributors find a large number of verified wholesalers, importers, distributors and manufacturers. Various popular transactions and offers can attract customers. No registration is required to search the site, but only when you register and become a member, you can view more detailed information about the supplier. At the same time, the listed suppliers and manufacturers are not all one-generation suppliers. So you need to study and check carefully.
8) Worldwide Brands
The company provides direct access to wholesale suppliers, so there is no profit sharing. You need to know that this agency sends a fee to the member, and the supplier needs to share this fee when the product is priced. There are more than 16 million certified, high-quality products. You can access all major product catalogs, such as healthcare, clothing, music and musical instruments, industry, collectibles, tools and hardware, vehicles, crafts and supplies, etc.
9) Oberlo
The main feature of using Oberlo for shipment is that it can be purchased from AliExpress. Through Oberlo, users can not only access thousands of suppliers on AliExpress, but also get the product pictures, detailed information and prices they provide.
10) Doba
Doba is one of the more comprehensive shipping companies, because it not only provides a detailed catalog of manufacturers and wholesalers, but also provides an interface that can easily grab the required products without having to work with multiple shipping companies. Cooperation. Doba can export data and upload it to amazom, eBay and other platforms, but the page is too messy, the product category is less, the product sku is less and the price is more expensive, the advantage is that it can be shipped overseas.

In the business operation or early stage, the wrong decision will put the store in a difficult position. When choosing a free distribution website, there is no emergency to make a decision. When choosing the best dealer, please consider various factors and standards. When people choose a supplier, they will encounter various troubles and confusions. Because there are many suppliers claiming to be a free source website, but the facts and appearances are not the same, it is difficult for people to choose a really good supplier. We can help you to build your busiess with an stable and reliable supplier chain constantly. 
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