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Shipping from china to all over the world

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Many customers are importing product from China and have same concern about logistics. How to balance the shipping cost and services. Because if choose the best logistics route,  not only means save time and money, but also can reduce the risk of customs clearance and the probability of damaged goods,which increase the satisfy the customers. Reasonable tariff declaration can also save costs appropriately. Today I’d like to talk about how to choose logistics shipping from China to all over the world. 
First: The selection of logistics methods
Understand what kind of products belong to. What are the so-called sensitive goods, such as lithium batteries, medical face masks, oil and etc. Sometimes we have to go through special channels. only by judging what kind of product does your product belong to, so you can know well what the logistics solution options are available for your goods. Can take a good look at the customs regulations and international transportation rules which are "threaten transportation vehicles". only by judging what kind of product does your product belong to,  you can know what kind of transportation channel your goods can have.
Second: Choose the logistics methods: analyze the pros and cons of logistics methods.
1.Postal parcel 
Post has the widest network, usually state-owned and cheap prices are all characteristics of the postal model. The large platform based on the Universal Postal Union can effectively achieve the goal of direct distribution of e-commerce products around the world, For example, postal packages sent from China to us can usually be reached within 15 days. According to incomplete statistics, 70% of parcels exported by cross-border e-commerce companies in China are delivered through the postal system, of which China Post accounts for about 50%. Besides, the most influential foreign post in the market are Hongkong Post, Singapore Post, Deutsche Post (DHL eCommerce), Netherlands Post, Belgium Post, etc. can ship from china to us,uk,australia,eu,africa,south america,middle east counties,oceania, asia,all over the world. However, most of the foreign mail model is not directly connected with its postal company, but operated through the middle freight forwarding. The overall characteristics of the postal model are the widest network, cheaper price, longer timeliness, large processing volume, poor tracking and query, more choices of China Post and foreign mail, and poor service level. This feature is applicable to the general B2C model, and has a core position in the logistics model of platforms such as EBAY\WISH\Aliexpress etc. However, in general, the Amazon platform is rarely used except for a small number of trial promotion products, and it is self-built. In the direct-sales website model, according to different product characteristics, there are also its scope of use. Comprehensive product characteristics, sales prices, service experience, etc. If the product size is small, the selling price and profit margin are small, the service requirements are not high, and the timeliness requirements are not high, etc., choosing the postal model is a good match.
2.International Express 
Refers to the four major commercial express giants, namely DHL, TNT, FEDEX and UPS. These international couriers use a self-built global network, using powerful IT systems and localized services all over the world, to bring an excellent logistics experience to overseas users who buy Chinese products online. For example, a package sent to the United States via UPS can arrive within 48 hours at the fastest. The reasons to choose international express, 
1. Fast transportation speed;
2. The tracking information is updated in a timely and accurate manner, throughout the process, and all platforms are recognized;
3. The safe delivery, and the price/performance ratio is the best.
However, high-quality services are accompanied by expensive prices. Generally, merchants only use international commercial express delivery to deliver goods when the customer's timeliness requirements are strong. Sometimes, for high value products, small quantity, we may need to consider international express.
3.Dedicated logistics mode
Cross-border dedicated line logistics is generally transported abroad by air charter, and then delivered to the destination country through the partner company. The advantage of dedicated line logistics is that it can concentrate large quantities of goods to a specific country or region, and reduce costs through scale effects. Therefore, its price is generally lower than that of commercial express delivery. In terms of timeliness, dedicated logistics is slightly slower than commercial express delivery, but much faster than postal parcels. The most common dedicated line logistics products on the market are the American line, the European line, the Australian line, the Russian line, etc., and many logistics companies have launched the Middle East line, South America line, South Africa line and so on.
4.Domestic warehousing,joint transportation(sea, train,land, air) 
Overseas warehousing services refer to one-stop control and management services for sellers to store, sort, package and deliver goods at sales destinations. To be precise, domestic warehousing should include three parts: first-haul transportation, warehousing management and local distribution.
a.First-haul transportation: Shipping goods from China to overseas warehouses by sea, air, train, land or intermodal transportation.
Warehousing management: Sellers can remotely operate overseas warehousing goods through a logistics information system to manage inventory in real time.
b.Local Delivery: based on the order information, the overseas storage center will deliver the goods to customers through local post or express delivery.
Many online seller are using dropshipping methods. This mode has many advantages, it’s really convenience, minimum invest, can sell large scale of category product, no inventory risk etc. We provide professional dropshipping service for our customers as well. We are bridge between direct factories/suppliers/brands and seller. Any question, please feel free to contact us. 
The above five models basically cover the current logistics model and characteristics of cross-border e-commerce, but there are also some "alternatives". For example, although Belgian Post belongs to the postal package model, it is positioned as a high-quality carrier which provides products and services far superior to other postal products.
For cross-border e-commerce sellers, first of all, they should choose the appropriate logistics mode according to the characteristics of the products they sell (size, security, convenience of customs clearance, etc.). For example, large products (such as furniture) are not suitable for postal parcel channels. It is more suitable for overseas warehouse models; secondly, it is necessary to flexibly use different logistics methods in the off-peak season, such as using China Post small packages to reduce logistics costs during the off-season, and using Hongkong Post, Singapore Post or even Belgian Post to ensure during the high season or large-scale promotional activities Timeliness; Finally, pre-sales should clearly list the characteristics of different logistics methods to buyers, provide buyers with a variety of logistics options, and let buyers choose logistics methods according to actual needs. 
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