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Zhongshan Zihong Lighting Co., Ltd

LED rechargeable bar lights; bar supplies; luminous champagne barrels; laser ...

  • Contact Person: Yan
  • Tel: 86-760 22340868
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 Zhongshan Zihong Lighting Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Zihong Lighting") was established in September 2013. It is a company that mainly produces and develops night lights in bars. The company uses "Ziye zeayea" as its core brand and currently produces five major series. Products are divided into bar table lamps, luminous ice buckets, luminous fruit trays, wrought iron luminous cup holders, abs luminous cup holders, laser wine seats. The product market covers all parts of the country, and the company is also constantly developing overseas markets and advancing to market globalization. Zihong Lighting is committed to providing new energy, high-quality, environmentally friendly and green lighting products for entertainment night markets. It invests a lot of research and development funds every year for product development and the operation of the "Ziye zeayea" brand. It has more than 50 patents and more than 300 models. Products, a number of independent scientific research technolo... [Detailed Introduction]